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EC Detector, flow cell, options

After injecting I see spikes in the chromatogramCan I hook up an Antec flow cell to any EC controller?Can I use my detector in strongly alkaline or acid media?Can I use Teflon for low pressure tubing?DECADE does not respond to keyboardDECADE Elite post release updateDECADE II displays an error codeDECADE II firmware upgrade adviseDECADE II out of range or PAD overloadDECADE II sensor board dip switchesDECADE II shows 'ERR 20' or 'Initializing'DECADE switches off cell and resetsDetector oven is not heatingDetector temperature out of specDummy test is not according to specificationsError messages DECADEExternal Valco valve not respondingGas bubbles in flow cellHow can I check the performance of my flow cell?How often must I clean my flow cell electrodes?How strongly must I tighten the flow cell bolts?How to change the IP address of a DECADE Elite?INTRO gives zero outputINTRO peak heights in nA from mVIs it sufficient to thermostat my flow cell, not the column?ISAAC shows light coloured spotsLeakage in detector electronicsMalfunctioning or garbled displayProblem with zeroReactorCell with large system peaksShould I switch off my detector at night?Time file event not executedTimed events are not in timeWhat does the 5 year warranty on the flow cell mean?What is the best position of my flow cell?What is the maintenance on my REF and cell?What precautions should I take when measuring in the reductive mode?Where do I put the yellow crocodile clip?Which reference electrode do you recommend?Why do I need a Faraday shielded oven?Will the 10V output of my detector damage my 1 V data system?