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Detector temperature out of spec

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Applies to

Electrochemical detector


Detector temperature has been set, but

  • after stabilization the temperature is not reached correctly or
  • when checked with external temperature probe, the temperature is off spec.


Possible causes:

  1. Detector door not correctly closed
  2. Door sensor is malfunctioning
  3. Oven malfunctioning
  4. Temperature correction factor not correct
  5. Digital or analog temperature control not correctly set (ROXY or DECADE II only)
  6. Measurement with external probe is not done correctly (i.e. wrong position of probe)


  • 2 and 3: contact your supplier or Antec Scientific
  • 4. this usually results in max 2 deg out of spec, and can be corrected in service mode in the TEMP menu.
  • 5. DII only – see service manual of DECADE II Chpt 2.4 for photographs and description of wiring.


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