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PC requirements for ALEXYS HPLC system with Clarity software


PC requirements change rapidly, mostly because of changes in the Windows platform.


At the time of writing, the most commonly applied/advised PC is based on a i5 processor or equivalent, with 8 GB RAM, a 250 GB HD (preferrably SSD because of speed), and at least 3 fast USB ports. For device connectivity: either use an additional LAN port; or in case of older equipment use a MOXXA PCI express 2 card with 4 RS232 ports. There are no limitations to the size of PC housing, except that the MOXXA card is for standard size and small form factor compatible. Windows 10 is supported for all our software. Monitor 1920 x 1080 resolution. If you have a choice, we prefer not to take a Lenovo PC, due to chipset incompatibility with MOXXA cards. In case an upgrade from an older PC is performed, check if any specal plugin cards are installed that need to be transferred as well. Those may change the requirements with respect to free plugin slot (i.e. the ‘old’ PCI slot) or dimensions of the PC housing. The advise is always to upgrade to the latest software on a new PC (Clarity, Dialogue). See topic: migrating Clarity to a new PC.

See also

PC requirements document on our website.

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