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Over 25 years
Your partner in life science

ALEXYS Analyzer in Neuroscience
Alzheimer, dementia, depression,
behavioural research (obesity, alcohol, illicit drugs)

ROXY EC in Cancer Research
Superior characterization of proteins/peptides,
therapeutic antibodies, biopharmaceuticals

ALEXYS Antibiotics Analyzer
For all type of aminoglycosides according US & European Pharmacopeia

ROXY EC for Disulfide Bond Reduction
Top-down & bottom-up

Training & Education
Hands-on & customer site training, knowledge base, internship, collaborations, etc.

Antec Scientific - Discover the difference

For more than 25 years Antec Scientific has been the world leading supplier of analytical instrumentation based on Electrochemistry (EC). Antec's line of instruments includes electrochemical detectors (ECD), analyzers built on HPLC-ECD and electrochemical reactors for online coupling with MS (EC-MS).

Featured Applications

Sugar analysis

ALEXYS Carbohydrate Analyzer with most stable and sensitive PAD for routine analysis of sugars/carbohydrates

Oxidative metabolism

Fast mimicking of drug metabolism and biotransformation reactions using ROXY EC


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  • Superior Pharmaceutical Stability Testing, read more ...


Science of Stability, October 3-5, Ireland
, November 11-15, USA 

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