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Antec Scientific

Supporting research to improve quality of life

Carbohydrate analyser

Workhorse for stable performance, based on solid gold!


Alzheimer, Parkinsons, depression, behavioral research (obesity, alcohol, illicit drugs)


Compliant with US and European Pharmacopeia methods

Antec Scientific

Discover the difference


Flow cell for ECD with adjustable spacer technology


Most sensitive EC Detector for HPLC

ROXY Exceed

Disulfide bond reduction, Proteomics, MS

Antec Scientific – Discover the difference

For more than 30 years Antec Scientific has been the world leading supplier of analytical instrumentation based on Electrochemistry (EC). Antec’s line of instruments includes electrochemical detectors (ECD), analyzers built on HPLC-ECD and electrochemical reactors for on-line coupling with MS (EC-MS).


Decade Elite

Electrochemical detector for HPLC

Carbohydrates Analyzer

product news

Antec ECD drivers

for OpenLab, Empower and Chromeleon