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Drug/Xenobiotic metabolism

  • Predict up to 80% of all metabolites of a drug in minutes
  • Discover metabolites undetected by in-vivo and in-vitro experiments
  • Access to reactive short-lived metabolites and intermediates
  • Phase I and II reactions within minutes w/o biological interactions
  • Comprehensive insight into the metabolic pathway
  • Complement and (re)confirm in-vivo and in-vitro metabolic data

By using Antec Scientific’s ROXY™ Exceed system that works with every MS to conduct on-line Electrochemistry-MS (EC-MS), drug/xenobiotic metabolism studies can be complemented and substantially accelerated.

EC-MS has been applied successfully for fast prediction and mimicking of oxidative drug metabolism (“in-electro“ vs. in-vivo or in- vitro). The metabolites are formed instantaneously in the electrochemical cell (biomimetic oxidation), mimicking the enzymatic biotransformation of the Cytochrome P450 reactions of the liver (Phase I reaction) including adduct formation (Phase II reactions). Compared to conventional in-vivo methods (e.g., rodents, humans) or in-vitro methods (e.g., microsomes), considerable time and cost savings have been proven.

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