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Applications » Pharmaceuticals » Ethylene glycol in hydroxyethyl starch

Ethylene glycol in hydroxyethyl starch

Ethylene glycol

Hydroxyethyl starch (HES/HAES) is a non-ionic starch derivative. HES formulations in the form of colloidal solutions are mainly used as blood plasma expanders, since the 70’ties. In emergency situations an intravenous solution of hydroxyethyl starch is given to a patient with hypovolemia to prevent shock following severe blood loss by trauma, surgery, or other issues.

HES is commonly produced by acid hydrolysis of potato starch, followed by hydroxyethylation using ethylene oxide. During this reaction, ethylene glycol is formed as a side

In the application note for ethylene glycol, the European Pharmacopoeia method is followed for the impurity analysis of ethylene glycol in hydroxyethylene Starches using PAD.