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Time file event not executed

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A timefile has been created in a DECADE II but when starting, some events are executed (but not all).


Board identifier is not set correctly in time file line. Global parameters (valve control on connector C) are always executed but board specific parameters not (autozero, range, aux, relays …). Make sure that the board identifier (ID) in the event screen is set to the right board ID otherwise the event will not be active.  

Diagnosis and remedy

Set board ID parameter for each time file line to corresponding board. Board ID:

  • 00000    no board, board specific parameter not executed
  • 00001    board 1
  • 00010    board 2
  • 00100    board 3
  • 00011    board 1 and 2
  • 00101    board 1 and 3  etc…


Fig. 1. DECADE II display showing the programming page for a timed event. ID is in the top right corner and should be set to the correct board (never 00000).

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