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Pump LC110S does not connect

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LC110S pump connected to Clarity


Pump does not connect, ‘cannot establish communication with LC110S.’


Connection problems can have several different causes:

  1. Pump issue: pump not on, wrong port setting in pump service menu, baud rate, IP address
  2. Config issue in Clarity: wrong port selected, IP address not correct, serial number not entered, RS232/LAN selection
  3. Cable issue: wrong cable used, no cable connected

Diagnosis & remedy

1. Enter the pump service menu via left-right-left method and check device settings.

  • Close the Clarity software, and on the LC110S pump click the left button shortly, the cursor should jump to the upper line.
  • Press the right horizontal arrow key for approx. 2 seconds until the “interface” appears
  • Click left cursor to put the cursor on the upper line
  • with up/down button scroll through service menu and select the correct settings.
  • Click start/stop to exit

2. In Clarity main menu click the config button and select the correct pump, port and settings.

  • Open the pump menu, click on the “…” button
  • the software selector opens and displays all devices
  • select the correct device and close the windows.

See also service documents page for document 250_7020_01 – Troubleshooting ALEXYS LAN communication.

3. Make sure original cables are used.

Via “left – right (2sec) – left” enter the service menu to check/change connection settings. See also a short movie.


This screen shot shows where to check the Clarity settings for pump connection:

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