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Applications » Food » Bisphenol A in drinking water

Bisphenol A in drinking water

ALEXYS Bisphenol Analyzer

  • Automated sample enrichment
  • Excellent reproducibility and linearity
  • SenCell for best detection sensitivity

Bisphenol A (BPA) is an important chemical building block that is used primarily to make polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins, both of which are used in a wide variety of applications. Common examples of polycarbonate products include eyeglass lenses, digital media (e.g., CDs, DVDs), electronic and electrical equipment housings (e.g., personal computers, appliances, power tools), automobile headlight lenses, sports safety equipment (e.g., helmets, goggles), and reusable food and drink containers.

For analysis of Bisphenol A an ALEXYS system is used in combination with a solid phase sample pre-concentration step.