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What Clarity files are needed for support questions?

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Clarity data acquisition software.


For trouble shooting not only a chromatogram is required, but also method and calibration data files. In case of support questions: copy all the below mentioned files to a new folder, zip it and send it with an email to Antec support.

Revision info on software and drivers:

  • c:\clarity\system info.txt
  • c:\clarity\IQ About.html

Project information

  • c:\clarity\projects\$project$.prj

Method and data files that come with a project, for example a project called ‘phenols’:

  • c:\clarity\phenols.cfg (hardware definition)
  • c:\clarity\phenols.dsk  (desktop configuration)
  • c:\clarity\phenols\*.met (the actual method file)
  • c:\clarity\phenols\data\*.prm (chromatograms)
  • c:\clarity\phenols\calib\*.prm (calibration chromatograms)
  • c:\clarity\phenols\calib\*.cal (calibration file)
  • c:\clarity\phenols\*.seq (sequence files)

License info: license info such as the user code and the activated hardware modules can be found in the Help menu of the main window (f.e. help/about/system files). Add the Audit trail of the day: c:\clarity\LOG\(file is named with a date tag)

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