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ECD control driver

  • Empower™ 3
  • ECD with up to 2 flow cells
  • Support of time table events

Empower™ CDS is a fully featured data acquisition software from Waters Corporation. The driver adds full instrument control for Electrochemical Detection (ECD). Supported is the DC mode with constant potential measurement for most applications, and the PULSE mode for special applications such as carbohydrates and aminoglycosides. A time table is supported for time based control of several operational parameters and triggers for external devices by switching relays. Also, an external electric valve can be controlled with the ECD in case of special applications such as column switching during an analysis.



  • Empower 3 license, extended with
  • Empower 3 Agilent LC Control License

In addition to the software licenses, the ECD has a factory set license bit. The ECD firmware should be >1.09. Contact your Waters representative for more details, or contact Antec in case of questions.

Empower™ is a registered trade name of Waters Corporation.

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176_0112 - Waters 3465 ECD driver for Empower 3 CDS 101.06 MB Download