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AS 100 autosampler down, several error messages

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AS 100 autosampler


Autosampler does not function properly anymore. Several error messages appear, or it keeps going through the self-test routine.


Possible causes:

  1. Faulty electronics
  2. Faulty power supply, power cable, fuses
  3. Cable not properly connected
  4. Power supply is set at 220 V while mains supply is 110V.


Warning: The following steps are for trained service engineers only. Do not open you unit yourself!

  1. Check fuses and power cable, replace if necessary
  2. Unplug all connectors at the rear panel (serial, I/O, TTL)
  3. Re-start the Autosampler and check if initialize is OK. If OK check cables/connectors and current output (max 500mA -24V)
  4. If not OK: Remove all control boards (Cooling PCB/Syringe PCB/Needle PCB/Valve PCB/I-O PCB)
  5. Plug in the service keyboard to the CPU board.
  6. Re-start the Autosampler and check if initialize is OK (There will be a couple of errors displayed, due to the missing boards, but initalization is still possible by ignoring these errors by pressing the start/stop key)
  7. If not OK, check the 24VDC power supply of the main board and replace the main board.
  8. If separate main board initialize OK install the control boards one by one and repeat the re-start procedure for each board.


Faulty parts must be replaced. Power supply must be set to correct mains voltage. Make sure all cables are correctly and firmly connected.

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