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ALEXYS Phenols Analyzer

  • On column sample enrichment
  • Low PPB detection limit
  • Gradient or isocratic

Chlorophenols and nitrophenols are used in industry and agriculture for several purposes. In the end, they may be found in river or drinking water. The MAC (maximum admissible concentration) in the EEC countries for phenols in drinking water is 0.5 μg/L. In the 70’s the US environmental protection agency (EPA) made a list of the eleven most important phenol contaminants as priority pollutants.

The ALEXYS Phenols Analyzer is routinely applied for analysis of environmental phenols using an isocratic or gradient LC system. Detection limits in the low PPB range are obtained. By using on-column sample enrichment in combination with large volume injection the detection limits are easily improved by a factor 10 – 100.

Environmental applications

216_007 - Glyphosate and AMPA in Drinking Water 04902.52 KB Download
216_003 - Phenols in Water 04563.69 KB Download