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Applications » Neurotransmitters » Glutathione and disulfides

Glutathione and disulfides

Glutathione and other sulfides

  • Both mono- and disulfides in one run
  • Single flow cell with diamond electrode, or
  • Dual flow cell for selectivity with gold electrode
  • Detection limits 2-10 (gold) or  25-100 nmol/L (diamond)

The Disulfides Analyzer has been developed for the analysis of (di-) sulfides such as (di-)glutathione, cystine, cysteine, homocystine, and homocysteine. The method applies a Flexcell with a Boron Doped Diamond working electrode for detection of mono and disulfides. Detection limits are below 0.1 µmol/L for most (di-)sulfides.

In an alternative setup a dual flowcell configuration is used with about 10 times better detection limit. The method uses an additional Flexcell for pre-reduction of di-thiols, a second cell is used for detection. If only the mono-sulfides are of interest, the Flexcell can be equipped with a Gold working electrode. This offers additional selectivity, and the lower working potential results in a better detection limit as well (10 nmol/L).