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Electrochemical Detector for HPLC

  • Most sensitive electrochemical detector
  • Compatible with any HPLC system
  • Temperature stabilized cell/column compartment
  • ADF (advance digital filter) to improve S/N ratio
  • Different flow cells for optimal performance


The DECADE Elite electrochemical detector is ready to work with any HPLC system on the market. It can handle the fast eluting peaks often encountered in UHPLC and with Antec’s proprietary small volume SenCell™ it is compatible with capillary and nano LC as well. The DECADE Elite with its dedicated flow cells is by far the most sensitive electrochemical detector by today’s standards.


In the DECADE Elite the column and the flow cell are both held at a very accurate and stable temperature. Stable working conditions are a prerequisite for trace analysis and detection sensitivity. In addition, the DECADE Elite has ADF (advanced digital filter) which has been specially developed for ECD to improve signal-to-noise ratio up to a factor 200. Furthermore, a ‘high frequency’ data rate setting makes the instrument also suitable for fast UHPLC.

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The DECADE Lite has the same performance as the DECADE Elite. It has the same temperature stability and the superior ADF. However, it has control for one flow cell and it has a DC measurement mode only. The instrument has no keyboard or display, therefore it is operated by PC control software (free). The DECADE Lite is compatible with all Antec flow cells.

Software drivers

The DECADE Elite and Lite can be controlled by the following CDS software drivers:


DECADE Lite has no keyboard or display, it comes with Dialogue Elite free version for instrument control.