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Antec ECD driver problems with Chromeleon

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Antec ECD driver for Chromeleon, with ROXY Exceed or DECADE Elite


The DECADE Elite or ROXY Exceed has been correctly added to the Chromeleon configuration, using the Instrument Configuration Manager but not working correctly.


The potentiostat is not correctly initialized or connected and demo parameters are shown.


Connect the Antec ECD with the Instrument Configuration Manager, check for any error messages and fix any issues.

Possible steps to take when issues occur:

  1. In the configuration, select the correct “Instrument type”  –  DECADE Elite, Lite or ROXY.
  2. Check the log in the configuration manager window for any clues.
  3. Close any program that may be connected and ‘locks’ the ECD (for example Dialogue software)
  4. In case connected through USB, update the USB serial driver in Windows (Update Driver) or download from vendor. At the moment of writing this, it is ver. 12.2.28.
  5. Verify the correct ‘class 3’ license in Chromeleon Admin panel.
  6. The Antec ECD should have a license bit set. This is shown under configuration in Dialogue Elite Options/Device settings, in the serial numbers config tab.
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