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I hear a strange squeaky noise

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ALEXYS system


A number of mechanical parts can make a – usually faint – noise, which is normal. Due to wear and tear the noise sometimes increases.


Several parts produce noise:

  1. Degasser: vacuum pump
  2. pump: piston, seals or motor
  3. autosampler: syringe spindle, needle spindle, tray cooling, headspace pump, valves
  4. detector: fan from oven (oven compartment) and power supply (bottom)

A preventive maintenance schedule may prevent unexpected down-time.

Diagnosis and Remedy

Locate what part produces the abnormal noise. In all cases immediate maintenance is advised. If necessary, turn off equipment and call for service.

  1. Degasser: turn off, check and if necessary replace degasser, call for service
  2. pump: pistons and seals require maintenance, if motor produces noise turn off and call for service
  3. AS: spindles: adjust syringe speed in method, valves require maintenance
    tray cooling, headspace pump: turn off and call for service
  4. DECADE or ROXY potentiostat: fan or power supply need adjustment or replacement


Do not apply lubricants to mechanical parts, unless this is explicitly advised in product documentation. Many parts are self lubricating, or respond badly to lubricants.

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