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Installation & maintenance


Antec Scientific offers installation services for ALEXYS systems, detectors and reactors. Learn from the experts how to operate and maintain your instruments. An additional training is optional and can be very helpful to give you a head start in research projects using electrochemical detectors or reactors. An IQ, OQ, or PQ qualification is part of our services.

Read more about our Remote Assisted Services.…  when it is not possible to schedule an engineer on-site.


Wear-and-tear parts in the system have to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the system in top condition. Regular calibration of the detector/potentiostat provides reliability and consistency of the output over time. Our PM contracts incude a visit during which wear-and-tear parts are replaced, the device is calibrated and a final OQ/PQ test is performed.

Benefits to PM contract holders:

  • Comply with regulatory requirements on maintenance and calibration.
  • 10 % off list price on parts during the contract period.
  • Priority scheduling of service visits in case of unexpected malfunction
  • Be sure the system is in top performance

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