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Applies to

DECADE Elite and Lite models.

Summary of changes

Starting 22 Nov 2020 a product change becomes effective as part of our commitment to continuous improvement of our products and to stay compliant with international regulatory requirements. The following changes will be implemented:

  1. New power supply, and a few changes to c-board and metal plating
  2. Service parts not backward compatible
  3. Part numbers change

A new type of power supply. The new power supply complies to new EU regulations which become effective after 20 December 2020 (IEC62368-1 2nd edition).

A revised control board. Besides several smaller improvements the new board enables the use of optimized and simplified internal wiring of the secondary 24VDC circuitry and heater, without inline fuse. The functionality and firmware will remain the same. The new power supply and control board are not backwards compatible with the previous model of the DECADE Elite/Lite. A new power supply does not fit in the current DECADE Elite, also the control board does not fit due to changes in layout. In order to fit the sheet metal was changed. In case of repairs we need the instrument serial number on the PO. This information is used to cross-check our database to assure that the correct parts are shipped for service. Detailed service information can be found in the 176_0020_01 – DECADE Elite & ROXY Exceed service manual (login required for service section). Another consequence of the change is that the part number will change with a B extension for affected devices. For example, the part number for a DECADE Lite 176.0035LA will change to 176.0035LB.

Fig. 1. On the right, the new power supply with bottom plate sheet metal.

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