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Dummycell test failed, internal dummycell test passed

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External dummy cell test for all Antec electrochemical detectors


Dummy cell test with internal (on board) dummy cell is passed, the external dummy cell test is failed. See also KB paper about how to do the dummy cell test.


Problem with internal/external cell cable, or dummy cell.


Depending on the current and potential reading the source of the problem can be diagnosed. Easiest check is to try with a new dummy cell and new cell cable. If this is not helping, the cause is most likely in the internal cell cable. This is the internal cable that is actually connected on the sensor board.


Replace cables, dummy cell.  

Example of the results of a normal dummy cell test (passed):

noise trace  

A few examples of a dummy cell test with broken (disconnected) cable:

Note that in case the REF cable is not connected, the dummy cell test is passed anyway. This is the only malfunction that is not being diagnosed with a dummy cell test. In case dummy cell test is passed, but still a suspicion that the cable is wrong, the easiest is to replace the cable for a new one. The quickest check is measure resistance with a voltmeter for each wire. The resistance should be (close to zero) zero Ohm. Take one wire of the voltmeter connected to the red pin of the cell cable at one end, and keep the other wire of the voltmeter to pin 1 of the subD connector. The resistance should be (close to) zero Ohm. Repeat for the other wires, pin 1 – 2 – 3 is WE – AUX – REF (red – blue – black). In case the resistance is significantly more than 0 Ohm the wire is internally broken, replace the cell cable.

pinning cell cable  

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