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External valve not responding

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Applies to

DECADE electrochemical detector


The electrochemical detector has been equipped with an external valve. The power was switched off and the detector has been moved to another location. After starting up, the detector did not respond to switching from I to L or visa versa.


Possible causes:

  • Wiring is not correct or not connected.
  • The valve has not been initialized correctly.

Diagnosis and remedy

Wiring: check all connectors to be correctly connected.

Initialization: using the rear panel input of the DECADE: with a small wire connect the ‘To pos A’ to ground for about one second. This results in an external trigger that forces the valve to switch. If nothing happens, try the same with ‘to pos B’ input. If the valve responds by switching to another position, try to switch the valve from the keyboard (F5 button: INJ=I/L). If not successful contact supplier.

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