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Applications » ROXY Reactors » Degradation


ROXY for degradation studies

  • Fast mimicking of environmental degradation (few minutes)
  • No cumbersome extraction from soil, water, etc.
  • Predicting the persistence of pollutants
  • Easy formation and study of NER’s formed with NOM

EC/MS is used successfully for simulating most major reactions that take place in the environmental degradation process, i.e., aquatic (aqueous), photolytic (photochemical), microbial conversions including adduct formation (phase II). In addition, relevant reactive intermediates useful in the understanding of the metabolic (degradation) pathway of xenobiotic have been generated electrochemically – impossible to extract from environmental samples, i.e., soil.

Predicting the persistence of chemicals/pollutants in the environment based on the EC potential is another promising application. EC/MS is a simple, inexpensive and extremely fast approach to get a first insight into the degradation process of pollutants in the environment.

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