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Autosampler AS 110 – Fast and robust

  • Fast, accurate & reproducible
  • Unique needle concept
  • Sample pick-up down to 1µL
  • Cooled sample tray
  • Well plates or vials

The AS 110 is a new generation autosampler. It is a fast, robust and easy to use autosampler without compromising accuracy and reproducibility. The AS 110 includes indispensable features for the highest injection performance. It has a dual needle with positive headspace pressure, extensive wash routines for minimal carry over and 3 injection modes including µL pick-up mode for zero sample loss. In addition, the micro version of the AS has programmable injection routines called ‘User Defined Programs’.

The AS 110 can handle sample volumes down to 1 µL accurately and reproducibly. The sample tray offers temperature control down to 4°C. The fast needle movements result in unsurpassed speeds of less than 30s for a full cycle. These features make the AS 110 a perfect fit for high throughput routine analysis. The autosampler is available with a standard or UHPLC 6 port or 10 port valve (6-PV or 10-PV).