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Applications » Diagnostics » Fluorodeoxyglucose



  • In compliance with EP & USP
  • Fast, reproducible & robust
  • Longer lifetime of gold electrode

[18F]FDG is a radioactive glucose molecule used for PET imaging. It produces images that show the metabolic activity of tissues. In FDG-PET scanning, the high consumption of the sugar by tumor cells, as compared to the lower consumption by normal surrounding tissues, identifies these cells as cancer cells.

The ALEXYS analyzer for FDG provides a reliable solution for the quality control of FDG and its by-products as required by the US and European Pharmacopeia (USP and EP). The DECADE Elite electrochemical detector in combination with a HPAE column allows fast analysis of 8 minutes. The EP and USP methods are both evaluated and in compliance.

For the method evaluation, an ALEXYS analyzer with an AS110 autosampler was used. In the case the number of samples per day is small, the ALEXYS Analyzer can be configured with a manual injection valve instead.