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Granted Patents

EP 2470900 B1 – A method of screening agents for their impact on nucleic acid oxidation reactions

PCT number:   PCT/NL2010/050014
Publication date:   3. Dec 2014
Priority date:   25. Aug 2009
Inventors:   Herbert Oberacher, Florian Pitterl, Jean-Pierre Chervet
Assignee:   Antec Leyden B.V., The Netherlands

US 2014/0102916 A1 – Electrochemical flow cell

Application number:   US 13/650,468
Publication date:   12. April 2016
Priority date:   12. Oct 2012
Inventors:   Herman Robert Louw, Hendrik-Jan Brouwer, Nicolaas Reinhoud
Assignee:   Antec Leyden B.V., The Netherlands

EP 2572188 B1 – Analytical apparatus comprising an electrochemical flow cell and a structure elucidation spectrometer

PCT number:   PCT/NL2010/050309
Publication date:   5. March 2014
Priority date:   21. May 2010
Inventors:   Hendrik-Jan Brouwer, Agnieszka Urszula Kraj, Jean-Pierre Chervet
Assignee:   Antec Leyden B.V., The Netherlands

Patent Applications Pending

EP 2706066 A1 – Electrochemical reduction of disulfide bonds in proteinaceous substances and electrochemical cell for carrying out such reduction

Application number:   EP20130183575
Publication date:   12. March 2014
Priority date:   10. Sept 2012
Also published as:   US20140069822
Inventors:   Agnieszka Urszula Kraj, Hendrik-Jan Brouwer, Jean-Pierre Chervet
Applicant:   Antec Leyden B.V., The Netherlands