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I do not get much reaction products

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Applies to

ROXY, ReactorCell, µ-PrepCell, SynthesisCell


The yield of reaction products is very low, or nothing is found in the MS spectra.


Possible causes can be related to equipment or measurement conditions.

Equipment related:

Cell cable with capacitor

Fig. 1. Cell cable with capacitor

uPrepCell needs polishing

Fig. 2. µ-PrepCell that needs polishing

Gas bubbles in the cell (µ-PrepCell)

  1. The AUX is in direct contact with a metal part, short circuit
  2. Wiring problem, cell cable broken
  3. Wrong cell cable: high current ROXY requires a cell cable with capacitor (photo)
  4. MS setttings incorrect, electrospray not optimized
  5. Improper grounding between cell and electrospray
  6. Tubing is blocked, blocked inlet/outlet in the (µ-PrepCell)
  7. Leakage in cell, leaking connectors, leaking at REF
  8. Working electrode condition problem, improper initialization, electrode contamination
  9. The WE contact (gold tip on flexible spring) is stuck and not in touch with the WE
  10. The WE is cracked or broken (µ-PrepCell with BDD or GC electrode)
  11. Syringe pump malfunctioning, solvent supply problem, flow rate too low or too high
  12. Any other electronics malfunctioning

Measurement conditions:

  1. Improper mobile phase conditions (pH, modifier %)
  2. Incorrect potential settings, pulse settings (disulfide bond reduction)
  3. Temperature
  4. Problem with preparation of solutions (incorrect substrate concentration, contamination, dilution)


Remedies are in the ROXY documentation on our website, see ROXY section. Instruction videos are available as well, see our video-base instructions for ROXY Reactors.

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