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How to change the IP address of a DECADE Elite?

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DECADE Elite detector, ROXY Exceed


The IP address of the Elite is the network address for communication with the software. Default the address is set to It is possible to change this to another number. Note that you can contact your device only with a PC that is in the same IP range (192.168.5.nnn). if you change to another range, the network adapter on your pc has to change as well. For example, detector can only connect if the network adapter on your PC has address 192.168.2.nnn (nnn is between 2 – 254). Procedure:

  1. Go to Clarity or Dialogue to find out the IP address of your device
  2. If multiple devices are found, check the MAC code that is on the rear panel IO connector of your device.
  3. Go to the IP settingspage of the device using an Internet Browser (enter this IP address in URL)
  4. Log in using the distributor password (user: is empty or admin)
    • If you can’t login, try both fields empty; or
    • enter the credentials in the URL: http://admin:password@
  5. Click top left “Network” and enter the IP and subnet mask (
  6. Leave gateway and DNS open (will be
  7. Click OK, then click “Apply Settings”

Note that the page will display a confirmation (blue bar). If not, click again “apply settings”. When the IP address has been changed, you have to go to the new page by entering the new IP address in the URL of your browser. Never click “apply defaults”, if this would happen by accident then do the following changes:

  1. in the “serial settings” page set the baud rate to 921600 (RS232, 921600, 8, none, none, 1).
  2. in the “server” page set CPU performance to “high”.



Screen shots:

IP menu 

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