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Bulk Cell for mg Quantities

  • Rapid electrosynthesis of mg quantities of difficult to synthesize compounds
  • Complete electrolysis of electroactive species in solution
  • Various large surface-area working electrodes
  • Use for small-scale electrosynthesis studies (up to 80 mL)


The SynthesisCell is designed for small-scale electrosynthesis of mg quantities of compounds that are difficult to synthesize by other methods, e.g., wet chemistry. Typical compounds that can be synthesized are metabolites, intermediates and redox products. The large surface-area of the working electrode and active stirring of the bulk solution assures for complete electrolysis of any electroactive compound and the generation of Redox products in approximately 1 hour.

Various working electrodes such as carbon (reticulated or smooth glassy carbon), Boron Doped Diamond (BDD) or platinum based are available for increased selectivity and maximum yield.