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Migration of Clarity to a new PC

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Applies to

Clarity software 3 and higher.


Procedure to transfer an excisting Clarity environment to a new PC. Software revision stays the same. In case the software is upgraded, it might be necessary to recreate the configuration files. Check this with Antec support.


These are the steps that have to be done: On the old PC

  1. Take the entire Clarity folder from the old PC, change the name (f.e. clarity_bkp) and copy to the new PC
  2. Copy all the Clarity short-cut links that are located on the desktop of the old PC to a backup location
  3. Write down the user code (main menu, Help, User code menu)

On the new PC

  1. The new PC should be “clean” meaning, if an (old) Clarity is already on it, uninstall the Clarity program.
  2. Install Clarity on the new PC. You need the user code of the license. This code looks like: C-A123B-4567A-AB2CD. It can be found in the Help menu/ user code of the “old” installation.
  3. From the “old” Clarity folder, copy the following files/folders into the new C:Clarity folder. Accept to overwrite when Window prompts for this: – all files that have an extension .dsk – all files that have an extension .cfg – the COMMON folder – the IMAGES folder – the PROJECT folder – the folders with the data and methods of the user– the name of these folders correspond with the newest file names in the PROJECTS folder. For example, data folder: “C:ClarityGABA-Glu-analysis”
  4. Copy the backed-up Clarity shortcut files to the desktop

Note; during installation you need the user code of the license. This code looks like: C-A123B-4567A-AB2CD

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