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Antec ECD driver problem with OpenLab

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Antec ECD driver for OpenLab or Chemstation, with DECADE Elite


The DECADE Elite has been correctly added to the OpenLab configuration but not working correctly.


A few things are listed that may cause issues:

  1. PC LAN connection
  2. USB serial port
  3. License (Antec ECD license bit)
  4. Antec ECD locked (not ready to connect)
  5. Slow PC, or other processes take too much CPU (virus scanner)
  6. Windows update or other network activity (backups)
  7. Combination of factors with high CPU load


Possible steps to take when issues occur:


  1. In case connected through USB, update the USB serial driver in Windows (Update Driver) or download from vendor. At the moment of writing this, it is ver. 12.2.28.
  2. In case of LAN connection, verify the IP address is correct. In configuration the available IP address is scanned and device info is retrieved. This ensures the correct settings.
  3. Check that the Antec ECD is available, not locked by another program. Close the software that locks the ECD. Switch off/on the ECD if needed and wait 30s before trying to connect again.



Apart from the Agilent CDS license, the Antec ECD should have a license bit set. If not, the device will not get ‘ready’ for injection. Apart from that most functionality will work. This license is shown in Antec’s Dialogue Elite software under Options/Device settings, in the serial numbers config tab.


Other causes

  1. Check Antec’s website for the latest Antec ECD driver
  2. Is the PC according specifications (CPU speed, amount of working memory, free hard disk size, Windows version)
  3. Are the file locations for log file and data excluded from virus scanner?
  4. Could it be that a Windows update, or some other update was taking place?
  5. Check if no other timed process is happening, for example backup of file, or imaging a drive.
  6. CRC checksum can be “off” in LAN connections. It only has use for USB (serial) connection.
  7. High data rate is being used (check filter is not RAW, or something that would set data to 100 Hz). Use lower data rate.


Several of the above (4 – 8) is normally not a problem. But for example, a combination of a not-to-fast PC with 100 Hz data rate and a virus scan taking place in the data folder, could trigger unwanted effects.

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