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Applications » Diagnostics » Metanephrines in urine

Metanephrines in urine

ALEXYS Clinical Analyzer

  • Kit for sample prep and analysis
  • Standardized, fast and reliable assay
  • Compatible with commercially available kits
  • Robust & reproducible
  • Proven concept



HPLC with electrochemical detection has been established as a fast and reliable method for the determination of urinary metanephrines. Clinical kits are available from several suppliers that contain all the necessary chemicals and  materials for sample preparation and analysis. The biological samples are processed by an SPE step, followed by a wash and elution step, prior to injection onto the HPLC system. The ALEXYS Clinical Analyzer together with a commercially available sample prep kit is a proven solution for routine analysis of catecholamines. The chromatogram is an overlay of 10 analyses and shows the repeatability of the system.