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DECADE II displays an error code

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The following error messages can be displayed in aDECADE II :

  • 01  Incompatible boot version
  • 02  Control board error
  • 03  Sensor board x error (x = board number)
  • 04  Firmware program error
  • 05  Record error
  • 06  Incompatible FW version
  • 07  Incompatible FW
  • 08  Control board FW erase failed
  • 09  Sensor board x FW erase failed
  • 10  Upload checksum error
  • 11  Checksum error
  • 12  Temperature sensor 1 error
  • 13  Disconnect flow cell x
  • 14  Control board SRAM error
  • 15  Sensor board x SRAM error
  • 16  Sensor board 1 not detected
  • 20  Sensor board 1 not recognized, read more


The majority of the listed errors are related to either problems with the firmware (embedded software) or hardware problems related to memory IC’s.

Diagnosis and Remedy

A few easy things to try to recover:

  1. Switch off and on the detector. If this is not successful,
  2. reset to default settings: switch OFF/ON with F5 button pressed until initialized, 20-30 sec.
  3. If still not helping, reloading of firmware is advised.

In case the issue persists, contact your distributor. Consult the DECADE II service manual (171.0020) and the DECADE II FW upgrade user guide (171.7034), see service manuals.

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