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The most versatile flow cell for LC-ECD

• Exchangeable working electrode
• Working Electrodes: GC, Pt, Au, Ag, BDD
• Low cost of ownership

The name FlexCell is chosen since it emphasizes the versatility and serviceability of this thin-layer flow cell in the Antec program. With its unrivaled design working electrodes can be serviced or replaced in a few minutes. The low cost of ownership is attributed to the replacement of only the working electrode disc. The same holds for switching electrode material for different applications using the same flow cell. This makes the Flexcell suitable for all sorts of electrochemical analyses like the usual biogenic amines (glassy carbon), but also carbohydrates (gold), peroxides (platinum), halides (silver), sulfides (Magic Diamond) etc.

Flexcell meets USP/EP requirement

A FlexCell with stainless steel AUX is available for all USP/EP methods that specifically mention a 3-step pulse method and metal AUX. This is a short list of the EP and USP methods:

  • EP – Amikacin Sulfate
  • EP – Amikacin
  • EP – Framycetin Sulfate
  • EP – Gentamicin Sulfate
  • EP – Neomycin Sulfate
  • EP – Netilmicin Sulfate (incl 9.2)
  • EP – Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride Pentahydrate
  • EP – Spectinomycin Dihydrochloride Tetrahydrate for Veterinary Use
  • EP – Tobramycin (incl 9.0)
  • USP – Gentamicin sulfate

Part number is 102.4325EP –  Flexcell Au HyREF, SS AUX.

Flexcell vs Sencell ‘gold’ for USP/EP methods

Detection of carbohydrate moieties is done under alkaline conditions using a gold working electrode and pH inert HyREF reference electrode. The Flexcell with easy replaceable gold working electrode is particularly useful for some USP/EP methods that still mention the PAD mode with a traditional 3-step pulse. The gold electrode is slowly ‘consumed’ by the pulse process and once it is below the flat surface of the electrode it is easily taken out and polished using the special kit for metal electrodes (pn 250.1045 – Polishing kit for metal WE). When the wear is too much a gold disc is replaced by a new one. With the DECADE Elite using a ‘mild’ 4-step pulse this process of electrode wear is really much slower. Under such conditions the Sencell can be used as well. Unfortunately a few USP/EP specifically mention the 3-step pulse settings. In such case the Flexcell is the right choice.

Other applications

Apart from the above mentioned carbohydrate application, the Flexcell has another feature that makes it special. The total cell volume is less than 1 µL, which makes the Flexcell suitable as an electrochemical reactor in-line with other detectors or flowcells. For example, in the analysis of Azithromycin a dual flowcell is required and the Flexcell is used in-line prior to detection with a Sencell.