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ROXY installation

See ROXY user manuals for a more detailed description of how to install a ROXY.

In below movie is shown how to connect the µ-PrepCell with a syringe pump to the MS. The cell is filled completely with solvent, then the REF is placed. This is important to avoid trapping air in the REF connection fitting. Before connection with an MS a grounding T is placed for safety. After installation, a solution with insulin is supplied to the MS. This results in a steady signal at m/z 957 (insulin) until the cell is switched on. With the cell on, the reduction reaction starts and the disulfide bond that keeps the insulin chain A and B together is broken. Then the signal of Insulin drops, and the signal of m/z 681 and 851 appears, which is one of the insulin chains (reaction product). The procedure is the same on the ROXY and the ROXY Exceed.