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ECD Firmware update

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Applies to

Antec ECD, DECADE II, Elite, ROXY, Exceed


Video shows the firmware update procedure of the DECADE Elite (or any other Antec ECD) with Dialogue software.

  • In case of DECADE Elite or Exceed: start by connecting the unit with the USB cable for serial connection to a COM port, and switch off/on the unit. This is necessary to reset the communication to ‘serial port’, do the same reset when the procedure is finished and communication over LAN is used.
  • DECADE II is already connected with the standard serial cable to a COM port, no change needed here.

Start Dialogue software and select the appropriate COM port. It is not possible to load new firmware using a LAN connection port. During the procedure, the instrument must be switched off/on a few times. This is illustrated/simulated by a software controlled power switch in the video, but it is done manually with the off/on button on the rear in the ‘real’ procedure.

Only in case of a memory error situation, and the device does not start up normally, step 1 must be skipped.

  • Start the procedure with the unit off and begin with step 2 in the FW wizard (erase/check memory).
  • Exporting settings, will not work with a malfunctioning device.
  • The calibration settings need to be imported via an earlier settings file, or a file from Antec.
  • The settings file has a file name starting with ~cal_data_.


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