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ECD Firmware update

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Antec ECD, DECADE II, Elite, ROXY, Exceed


Video shows the firmware update procedure of the DECADE Elite (or any other Antec ECD) with Dialogue software. In case of Elite or Exceed: start by connecting the unit with the USB cable for serial connection to a COM port, and switch off/on the unit (DECADE II is already connected with the standard serial cable to a COM port, no change needed here). This is necessary to reset the communication to ‘serial port’, do the same reset when the procedure is finished and communication over LAN is used. Start Dialogue software and select the appropriate COM port. It is not possible to load new firmware using a LAN connection port. During the procedure, the instrument must be switched off/on a few times. This is illustrated/simulated by a software controlled power switch in the video, but it is done manually with the off/on button on the rear in the ‘real’ procedure.


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