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Polishing a flow cell

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Antec flow cells: FlexCell, SenCell, VT03 flow cell.


These videos show how to polish Antec flow cells. Examples of metal (gold) and glassy carbon (GC) working electrodes (WE) are shown.


SenCell with GC working electrode

Before polishing the spacing of the SenCell must be set to position zero to have the electrode flush with the surface. When done, the spacing must be set back to the original setting (setting “2” in most cases).


FlexCell gold working electrode polishing kit

The video shows how to polish a gold electrode with the polishing kit. A FlexCell gold electrode is taken out of the holder and first polished with a rough polishing. It removes the top layer quickly. Next is a fine polish with the blue liquid. This is the only cell for HPLC that can be treated this way. All other HPLC/ECD cells are only polished with the blue diamond slurry.


FlexCell with GC working electrode

The FlexCell has a replaceable working electrode. This video shows how to open the cell, and take out the electrode for service or replacement.


VT03 flow cell with gold working electrode

Note that after a longer period of use, it is normal that the gold is slowly removed in the pulse process. In such case the gold is below the surface of the WE and can not be polished anymore.

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