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Dialogue software tutorials

Dialogue is now succeeded by the new Dialogue Elite software. The screen recordings are elsewhere on this website.

The screen recordings below show how specific tasks are done in Dialogue. A handson training is available in the ROXY section of the user manuals (210_7018 - Dialogue for ROXY handson training).

Installation and setup

To install Dialogue software run setup_as_admin_202nnn.exe. Right-click on the program and "run as administrator". Connect the devices (potentiostat or ECD) and switch them on. Run Dialogue from Windows' Start menu (in 'Antec software'). Insert the dongle only after the software was started, to make sure the drivers are installed.

Screen recording: 

Using Dialogue

A number of screen recordings show the use of Dialogue. For example how to start Dialogue, run a dummy cell test, change settings, and write an events file.

Screen recordings:

We use the free VLC media player for display in the web browser.