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Clarity software tutorials

To familiarise yourself with Clarity a few hands-on sessions are available. Details are in document 195_7010 'Clarity hands-on training'. The screen recordings below show how specific tasks are done in Clarity. The Clarity hands-on training is recommended for new users of Clarity software.

Installation and setup

Installation of Clarity software is a 2 step procedure. First the Clarity software is installed, followed by preconfigured files.

Antec's predefined system shortcuts can then be used to start Clarity.

Hands-on session 1

The first session is about setting up a method and a sample queue.

Screen recordings:


Hands-on session 2

Session 2 is about reprocessing data. In this tutorial lots of chromatograms are reprocessed batch-wise. The resulting summary table and chromatogram overlay is printed in a summary report.

Screen recordings:

Hands-on session 3

Session 3 explains how to build a new system from scratch.

Screen recordings: