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LC 100 tutorial

Replacement of piston seals

Replacement of LC 100 pump seals has been described in the user manual 182_0010 (standard pump head) and preventive maintenance guide 182_0026 (standard and micro head). In addition, this tutorial contains QuickTime movies that show the procedure in more detail. Before using this material read the instructions and warnings in the user manual.

The movies in this tutorial require a Flash Player plugin, if not installed you have to download and install it from the Apple website. Depending on your connection speed loading movies can take a moment or two...



Pump head with 1. primary cylinder, 2. secondary cylinder, 3. inlet check valve, 4. outlet check valve, 5. solvent inlet, 6. s-capillary, 7. high-pressure solvent outlet, 8. piston wash connection, 9. purge valve, 10. purge outlet


Read more about differences standard (A) vs micro (B) pump head.