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VT03 cell

Highest sensitivity flow cell

  • Quick stabilization
  • Long lifetime (5 year warranty)
  • Down to 5 nL working volume
  • Easy maintenance

After extensive testing, it was determined that the confined wall-jet configuration gave excellent results. In addition, we found that the qualilty of the material used and the finishing process of the working electrode greatly affected the performance of the EC detector.

While competitor flow cells deteriorate during use, the performance of the VT03 flow cell increases with use. The VT03 requires unusually short stabilization times: trace analysis within half an hour after start up can be expected. We have so much confidence in our VT03 flow cell that we warrant the glassy carbon flow cell for a period of 5 years.

The VT03 is available with working electrode materials of glassy carbon, platinum, gold, and silver. A selection of working electrodes together with salt bridge, ISAAC and HyREF reference electrodes ensures compatibility with any type of HPLC analysis.