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ASMS 2023

Thank you for stopping by!

We would like to thank you for stopping by our booth or posters at the ASMS 2023. Besides the ROXY™ Exceed system for the online coupling of Electrochemistry with MS, the new SweetSep™ columns for the separation of all classes of carbohydrates by HPAEC-PAD or MS detection were on display.


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Our posters

  • MP289 – New HPLC column for the fast analysis of carbohydrates and glycans by LC-MS
  • TP021 – Simplified sample preparation of mAbs subclasses and subunits using electrochemical reduction for inline LC-MS analysis
  • WP297 – HDX-MS with in-line electrochemical reduction of disulfide bonds – state of the art
  • ThP497 – Investigation of the zearalenone metabolism using Electrochemistry-MS: Electrochemical vs. in vitro and in silico approaches

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