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In a recent publication in LCGC International the separation capabilities of our new stationary phase have been described. The paper is freely available from the Antec’s website. For more details on the SweetSep™ columns see our product page on this site.

A new anion-exchange stationary phase based on 5-µm particles has been developed. It enables fast, high-resolution separation of carbohydrates at moderate column back pressure. A 200 mm × 4 mm i.d. analytical column based on the stationary phase demonstrated a superior performance with reduced plate heights for nearly all sugars close to the ideal value of 2.0. The column showcased great stability in retention times, peak efficiencies, and tailing factors over an impressive span of 2600 injections. The versatility of this new stationary phase was evident in its ability to achieve high-resolution separation of carbohydrates from mono-, di-, tri-, oligo-, up to polysaccharides. In conclusion, the newly introduced column provides high-resolution separation of all classes of carbohydrates using HPAEC-PAD. It will help to achieve accurate identification and quantification of carbohydrates in food products, including detection of adulteration and fraud.