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Carbohydrate analysis at 120 BPM

Pulsed amperometric detection (PAD), is used in the HPLC analysis of carbohydrates and related substances. At a high pH, carbohydrates are oxidized and analyzed with high sensitivity. In PAD, a continuous, rapid sequence of potential steps is applied to remove contaminants and regenerate the gold working electrode during the measurement. This ensures stable and reproducible detection conditions. With 120 beats per minute, the electrode is cleaned in a heartbeat.


3-/4-/5-steps – the rhythm of PAD analysis

If you are running the traditional 3-step pulse, often required by Pharmacopoeia, or using the elegant 4-step pulse or experimenting with sophisticated 5-step styles, the DECADE Elite always keeps the rhythm. Partnered with dedicated flow cells, this electrochemical detector masters all ambitious moves.

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