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Antec Scientific ... Proven Performance!

For more than 25 years Antec Scientific has been the world’s leading supplier of analyzers using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) with Electrochemical Detection (EC). Validated applications for environmental, food, clinical and pharmaceutical analysis have been successfully developed using the ALEXYS LC-EC systems. With its ultra-sensitive Electrochemical Detectors Antec has become the key supplier for neurotransmitter analysis. With the introduction of the ROXY™ EC/LC System, Antec brings Electrochemistry (EC) to the fingertips of every mass spectrometrist. The on-line coupling of Electrochemistry (EC) with LC/MS has shown great potential for the investigation of drug metabolism.

Antec’s headquarters are located close to Amsterdam, in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands. Antec’s products and services are supplied through a worldwide distributor network. The United States and Canada are supported through Antec’s subsidiary in Boston, USA.