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DECADE Elite installation

Installation videos

Our tutorial videos are available for visual support of the operational procedures. It does not replace the written documentation, always first read instructions and safety precautions in the manuals of related instruments and cells.

Step 1

Unpacking and powering up. Set the temperature to stabilize in preparation of the OQ test


Install the dummy cell and let it stabilize in preparation of the OQ test. In total, about one hour stabilization time is needed before starting the OQ (step5).

Step 3

Connect the cables for data acquisition and autozero. This video shows a special Shimadzu AD cable (L) or another brand (R). Skip this step: in case Clarity CDS  or another CDS with Antec ECD control driver is used.

Step 4

Install Clarity and Dialogue Elite software.

Step 5

Install PCI-serial card drivers.In case the PC is equipped with Antec’s PCI – serial card, it is now time to install the drivers. Click here to download the zip file and install the drivers.

Step 6

Perform the OQ test – Part 1: Dummy cell noise test. Part 2: Analogue output test

Final step

Familiarize an end-user with the instrument and explain how to do maintenance and troubleshooting. A set of useful videos for this purpose can be found here. Complete and sign the IQOQ document after finishing.

Change PC IP address

The IP address can be changed in the Windows 10 control panel.