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Qualification procedures and Preventive Maintenance


Antec developed procedures for Installation Qualification (IQ), Performance Qualification (PQ), Preventive Maintenance and Calibration (PM/Cal) and Operational Qualification (OQ). Certified engineers can be scheduled on request for on site services.

Installation Qualification: to ensure a successful installation, the IQ document lists the preparations and site requirements for the customer. It also has a checklist for the service technician to cover before and during installation. The IQ document needs to be signed off after successful installation.

Operational Qualification: during an OQ, the operation and output of a potentiostat/detector are checked with an electronic dummy cell. The OQ document has to be signed off by both service engineer and customer.

Performance Qualification: The performance of the HPLC-ECD system is tested with calibration standards. The test measures repeatability of signal and retention time, linearity, peak height, background current, and for flow cells with glassy carbon electrode the noise and s/n ratio. The PQ document that has to be signed off by both service engineer and customer upon completion.

Preventive Maintenance contracts
Wear-and-tear parts in the system have to be replaced on a regular basis to keep the system in top condition. Regular calibration of the detector/potentiostat provides reliability and consistency of the output over time. Our PM contracts incude a visit during which wear-and-tear parts are replaced, the device is calibrated and a final OQ/PQ test is performed.

Benefits to PM contract holders:

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