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Flow cell service

certificateAntec's amperometric flow cells are known for their long lifetime and high sensitivity. One of the 'secrets' to keep a flow cell in top condition is to do regular maintenance. Maintenance procedures are well described in the user manual. However, occasionally the self servicing of cells is not enough. In such case it is good to know that a flow cell can be send to Antec for full servicing, followed by QC testing and including a peformance certificate.



  1. Contact Antec to request for a RMA number (support@antecscientific.com)
  2. Ship the cell according instructions
  3. In case of additional costs (damage) you will be informed prior to repair
  4. Cell will be returned within 10 working days (ex shipment)
  5. QC certificate will be included


A decontamination form must be included with the return shipment to Antec.