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Salt Cluster Removal (Na+, K+, etc.)


Electrochemical removal of monovalent cation clusters such as sodium or potassium adducts form a proteinaceous sample is another emerging application based on the ROXY EC system. Simply by placing an electrochemical cell prior to the MS allows for efficient removal of interfering salt clusters. The electrochemical cell thereby behaves like an ion-suppressor and can be used in different instrumental set-ups, including on-line infusion EC/MS or LC/EC/MS. Other advantages of this EC based technique is its simplicity, speed and ease of use.


Electrochemical removal of Na+ and K+ clusters from Human Interleukin 6 α-Helical protein (2µM). At 0 V (cell off) strong interferences. At 2.8 V (ROXY EC) removal of adducts and background

correspond to [Na+ + K+] combinations

correspond to background formulations of the protein

Courtesy of Mohamed Benama, Bristol University, UK