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Synthesis of metabolites and intermediates

drug metabolism

Computer animation of drug metabolism.
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Using the ROXY™ EC system on-line with MS results in:

Combining the ROXY™ EC system with MS creates a powerful platform for oxidative metabolite studies. Metabolites are formed instanteneously in a ReactorCell, a huge improvement compared to days or weeks using in-vitro and/or in-vivo methods. In addition, the laborious steps of isolating the metabolites formed in vivo (urine, plasma, etc.) or in vitro (microsomes) studies are no longer necessary. The oxidation of target compounds occurs in the electrochemical cell within seconds and the similarity between reactions catalyzed by cytochrome P450 in nature and simulated in the electrochemical cell is high.

Synthesis of metabolites

The novel micro preparative cell (µ-PrepCell™) is designed for highly efficient metabolite synthesis. The oxidative metabolism can be mimicked in the µ-PrepCell™ and metabolites synthesized in the short period of time. The ROXY system equipped with µ-PrepCell™ can be hyphenated to MS or LC/MS system. HPLC is applied for identification of metabolites, fractions can be collected off-line and used in supplementary research. The flow rate and working potential is controlled by the dedicated Dialogue software.