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Food and Environment

Antec's Food & Beverage AnalyzersALEXYS with DECADE Elite

Globalization of supply chains for food and food ingredients has brought greater variety and lower prices, but also an increased need for quality control of both raw and processed food products. In addition to human illness, food safety problems can cause economic losses to producers, processors, and consumers, and jeopardize the international competitiveness of the agricultural industry.

The ALEXYS analyzers for food technology are dedicated to analytical and qualitative testing of product composition and an assurance of product quality. HPLC with ECD is used for the analysis of components in both raw and processed products. Analytical methods have been optimized for routine analyses and sample throughput with special attention to assay validation and compliance to regulatory requirements.

Antec's Environmental Analyzers

Today, pollutant testing and analysis is performed on a worldwide scale in environmental, occupational and process industry. Safety regulations are broader and more stringent than ever before and will only increase to protect human and nature. Regulatory agencies, such as EPA, EEA, NIEHS, etc., require more sensitive and accurate testing of a growing number of pollutants in an increasing number of matrices such as soil, water, air, waste, packaging, etc. 

The ALEXYS Analyzers have been optimized for high throughput and ease of operation. Dedicated analyzers are designed to meet the demands for analysis of a number of toxic pollutants.